The Good, The Bad, The Environment: National Park Week

National Park Week National Parks really are our best idea. If you’re lucky enough to live near some of our precious public lands, you may know how important they are: connecting us with nature, culture, history. Often we take them … Continue reading

Finding Hope Amongst the Tears

This year. 2012. It has become a heart-wrenching year. I used to believe there was some kind of “every other year rule” when it came to things. Rain on Memorial Day weekend. Hardships that people deal with all the time, … Continue reading

10 Traveling Lessons – Small Children, Camping, Adventure

Travels and Travails of the Great Eco-friendly Summer Road Trip I learned a lot when I took my Great Eco-friendly Summer Road Trip. I learned a lot about myself, my kids, and what I believe is important in life. I found … Continue reading

Do Wolves Belong in the West?

Wolves in Yellowstone National Park I wake to the sound of crickets courtesy of my iPhone at 4 am. It was pitch black when I loaded three sleepy children in the car wearing the clothes I dressed them in to … Continue reading

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