9 Rejuvenating Beauty Tips {Guest Post}

Lisa is an amazing wealth of knowledge about inner and outer beauty. This guest post was written to start you on your way toward both.

There are beauty tips and there are beauty tips.

Some enhance our looks and mood in the moment.

We WANT these beauty tips.

Some you don’t see the results right away. In fact, they feel like work; you doubt their worth. However, they will reap you rewards down the road, in a more youthful, brighter face.

 We NEED these beauty tips.

Let me tell you, at fifty glorious years young, I am seeing the fruit of my labor! You will too, even if you are 50+. It is never too late to get better.

So let’s get better!

9 Rejuvenating Beauty Tips

1.   Drink enough water for your body weight.

You need to drink ½ oz. per pound of body weight if inactive, or 2/3 oz. if you are athletic. Water hydrates your skin from the inside out.

2.   Exfoliate your entire body.

Dry brushing daily, for your body skin, will remove dead skin cells allowing your body skin to ‘breath’ out the toxins that accumulate and hide your clear, fresh skin underneath.

Using a gentle facial scrub daily, or several times per week, will not only keep your face clear and glowing, but will allow your serum and moisturizer to penetrate all the better as well. A twofer!

3.   Sleep enough.

The term ‘beauty sleep’ did not come out of nowhere. Your skin rejuvenates while you sleep. You want that  ‘rested’ look every day. Make sleep your priority.

4.    Eat nutrient dense foods.

Bathe your cells in what they are craving. Nutrition. If you starve your cells, your skin suffers. Try green smoothies, fresh juices, and most importantly, avoid white flour and sugar, which cause acne and early onset of wrinkles.

5.   Wash your face each and every night. Really. I mean it.

By far, this is the one habit that most of us need to work on. It is so easy to just work, work, work, or play, play, play until the moment you drop to sleep.  (See tip #4). Create a new habit: For 21 days (mark your calendar), make your way into the bathroom 10 minutes earlier, and wash up. It seems a small thing that won’t really count (“Oh, one night can’t hurt” does that sound familiar?), but believe me, the lack of washing off the days dirt and grime not and treating your face, neck, chest and hands with serum and cream will show up, down the road. Begin tonight.

6.   Don’t skimp on the face creams and for goodness sake, spread the love around.

So, you’re in the bathroom washing up, (right?) well, don’t just stop there. Treat your neck, chest and hands as well. Add your serum, your cream, your sunscreen (during the day), everywhere (well, almost everywhere).

7.   Wear your sunscreen, your hat, your glasses, but get your vitamin D as well.

This is tricky. You need to wear sunscreen daily, yet you need to get your vitamin D, which comes from the sun.


We need to protect our skin from the over damaging effects of the sun, yet we need the suns life giving vitamin D. I suggest you get your vitamin D this way:  sun-bathe for 20 minutes daily, then go get your sunscreen. If you can’t get that sun-bath, be sure to take a good vitamin D3 supplement daily.

8.    Green up & detox your beauty products.

Our skin truly does absorb the cumulative chemical soup we slather on. Why not go easy on yourself and eliminate the toxins where you can? Your personal care products are an easy place to begin. Finding safe and effective cosmetics does not have to be difficult. In fact, here you can find a cool pocket guide to the most common ‘stay-away-from’ ingredients in cosmetics and personal care items. Carry it with you at all times for assistance.

9.   White eye shadow tip

Now for the fun! Everyone, no matter your age or skin tone, needs a sparkly (or matte, for that matter) white or creamy colored eye shadow to enhance your look in the moment. Dab a bit in the center of your eyelid to make your eyes gleam. Place it under your brows to open up your eyes. How about the middle of your bottom lip, for the full sensuous pout? Try it above your cheekbones as highlighter and right in the crevice between your eyes and nose to lighten up that perennial dark area. This little angel has so many uses!

I bet you have more tips up your sleeve. What are your favorites? Better yet, which ones are you working to improve in your life? Please do comment below.

Lisa D Liguori is the founder behind Style Essentials, a green healthy-beauty marketplace, featuring mineral makeup and botanically-based organic skincare, with a serious personal touch.

Visit StyleEssentials.com or join her on facebook for green beauty and healthy lifestyle bits.

You can also download your FREE guide to the 10 Easy Steps to Detox Your Beauty Routine here.


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