Top Ten: Ways Monsanto and Big Ag are Killing You – And the Planet

Monsanto and Big Agriculture – Partners in Destruction?

Iowa Farm
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Monsanto and Big Ag are not working in harmony with the land to “produce more with less” as the argument goes, but are by their very nature destroying our small farmers and organic and sustainable farms, both in the U.S. and globally. The reliance on increasing the herbicides needed to grow GMO crops is too energy-intensive and harmful to our health to let continue on such a destructive path!

The industrial farm practices are proving to be increasingly more harmful to human health and quickly destroying the land that our growing population is reliant on for survival. Land that has been cultivated for generations is suddenly coming up dry after using the GMO seeds and toxic Roundup. Women are having more miscarriages and seeing  more birth defects when living near where Roundup is sprayed.

What can you do?

Top Ten Ways Monsanto and Big Ag Are Trying to Harm You – And the Planet

1. Generating Massive Greenhouse Gas Pollution (CO2, Methane, Nitrous Oxide) and Global Warming, While Promoting False Solutions Such as Industrial Biofuels, So-Called Drought-Resistant Crops, and Genetically Engineered Trees

2. Polluting the Environment and the Soil-Food Web with Pesticides, Chemical Fertilizers, and Persistent Toxins, Including Dioxin

3. Draining and Polluting Wetlands and Aquifers, Turning Farmland into Desert

4. Poisoning Wells and Municipal Drinking Water, Lakes, and Rivers

5. Chopping Down the Rainforests for Monoculture GMO Crops, Biofuels and Cattle Grazing

6. Increasing the Cost of Food, While Reducing Nutrition and Biodiversity

7. Spawning Pesticide-Resistant Superbugs and Weeds, and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

8. Generating New and More Virulent Plant, Animal and Human Diseases

9. Utilizing Wasteful Fossil Fuel-Intensive Practices and Encouraging the Expansion of Natural Gas Fracking and Tar Sands Extraction (Which Destroy Forests, Aquifers, and Farmland)

10. Stealing Money From the 99% to Give Huge Subsidies to the 1% Wealthiest, Most Chemical and Energy-Intensive Farms and Food Producers[1. Information courtesy of the Organic Consumers Association.]

Take Action – Say No to GMOs

The Organic Revolution: How We Can Stop Global Warming

Become One of the Millions Against Monsanto

Join the Movement: Label GMO Now, We Have the Right to Know!

Tell the FDA: Label My Food

Do you think the food we feed our families should be labeled if it contains GMOs?


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  1. I have to thank you for being the person that really brought these issues to my attention. It’s very disturbing and scary, and too few of us really know anything about what is really going on. I believe people really do care, so spreading awareness is key. I will share and stumble this post and hope it reaches more concerned citizens!
    Sarah recently posted..It’s Easy Being Green and American Made

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