Tuesday Top Ten: 10 Activities for Grandparents To Do With Their Grandbabies

Grandparents have it great, or so I’m told! They can enjoy their grandkids, but without all the drama and responsibility that goes with being a parent. Grandparents can be more relaxed, they can take the time to just focus on the kids without worrying about the loads of laundry that need to be done or the dirty dishes in the sink, and they can just be fun! Do all the things the parents can’t (within reason of course!), spoil them with sweets and treats, but remember your attention is what little ones need the most.

Top 10 Activities Grandparents Can Do With Their Grandbabies (that parents will love you for):

  1. Sing. Sing a song. This is one of the first ways you can bond with a new baby. Singing while rocking, bouncing, walking, and snuggling will all help you become a familiar and loved person to your grandbaby. If you don’t live nearby, you can have mom or dad let baby listen to you sing over the phone, web cam, or a recording of you singing.
  2. Take her for a walk. Whether you can be the hip grandparent that babywears or pushes the stroller, however you can get outside it will be good for you both. Babies love to be outside and love for you to tell her all about her world. As she grows, walking to the park and doing the swings and slides will be great fun!
  3. Take photos. Take photos of you, your life, your grandbaby, anything and everything. One thing that my kids’ Grammy and Granpa have been sure to do is take pictures with me in them! Usually I am the one behind the camera, so it’s nice having some record of me with my babies.
  4. Make something with the photos. When my oldest was about 18 months, we had photo magnets made of all the families of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Having those reminders of his family, some which are far away, was so helpful to him feeling connected to them. Photo albums are great too, especially if there is someone to tell stories about all the people in the pictures as you look at it.
  5. Read. Reading to babies can begin as early as you want. By the time he turns one, your grandbaby will have heard all the sounds they need to be able to talk. The more beautiful language they are exposed to the better. Recording your voice reading some favorite books (babies also love repetition!) or reading with them on the web cam or phone is a great option for long-distance grandparents.
  6. Make her smile, make her laugh. There are so many ways to make a baby giggle and I am sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve yourself! Sharing a laugh can be the best bond two people can have, even if one of those people is just a wee one.
  7. Play. Simple play for newborns into more interactive play as they grow. Old favorites like “Pat-a-Cake” and “This Little Piggy” are always a hit. If you’re entertaining at your home, be sure to have a few simple, safe toys on hand. Really your grandbaby is going to benefit from any interactions you have.
  8. Write letters. On special occasions or anytime, write a letter to your grandbaby. Be serious, be silly, be simple, be poetic, be yourself. Then you can either send them along or keep them and give them once you think your grandchild is old enough for them.
  9. Let them be messy! Especially if you are also in charge of the clean-up. Take them out stomping in mud puddles, let them finger paint, let her try the spoon or cup by herself, let her play in the water or sandbox. She will love you for it!
  10. Start a tradition. Traditions are something that your grandbaby won’t understand just yet, but keep it up and he will grow to look forward to them year after year. Think of something new based on your interests or think back to traditions you might have had growing up.

Please leave any comments with ideas of activities you love to do with your grandkids or that you would love to see your baby’s grandparents do!

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