Tuesday Top Ten: 10 ways to make baby giggle

Outright funny, tongue-in-cheek, or plain old useful, enjoy our new feature for Tuesdays: Tuesday Top Ten! Thought we would start this Tuesday off light. ;)

Top Ten Ways to Make Baby Giggle:

  1. Smile. Simple, but true. Babies love to see their mama (or dada) smiling at them.
  2. Silly faces, especially if you shake your head, are sure to bring on the giggles.
  3. Peekaboo. Surprise your baby with a little “boo” from behind or around another object.
  4. Raspberries on bellies and nibbling necks, fingers, or toes may bring on the sometimes elusive belly laugh. Warning, this one can be addictive.
  5. Singing and dancing. Either making a fool of yourself for baby or with baby is great fun for her, plus you can sneak in some calorie burning moves while you’re at it.
  6. Pretend to sneeze. A favorite of photographers everywhere.
  7. Tickling. Always a crowd pleaser. Just be careful to know when baby has had enough because you will never get enough of squeezing those chubby little baby thighs!
  8. Chasing. For older babies this is a great game. Not so great if it’s because you are in a non-babyproofed environment and have to chase her, but you’ll still get the giggles when you catch and snuggle her.
  9. Big brothers and sisters. These are probably the funniest people in your baby’s life if he is lucky enough to have them. For those first-borns and onlies, any older child will do, especially if your baby knows them well.

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