The problem with China

With the recent recall of Cadbury chocolate made with milk from China containing melamine, we are once again talking about the problems involved with buying products made in China. I am sure you all have heard of the scandal involving the illegal (and dangerous) use of melamine in infant milk formula which has caused more than 50,000 children to become sick and at least 4 deaths. Now that contaminated milk has been found in Cadbury’s chocolate meant for the Asian market (Cadbury’s chocolate sold in the U.S. is not affected by this recall). This is just the most recent recall of products made in China where dangerous materials were used to cut costs. I believe it is also opening the eyes of American consumers to the problems in China.

The answer is really simple. Everyone needs to pay more attention to what they are buying. From the bottle, teethers, or pacifiers that you give to your infant to put in her mouth to the trains you give to your toddler to the chocolate you buy for yourself, everyone needs to make smarter and more informed choices.

Not everything made in China is bad. So many companies have been forced by the market demanding cheaper products to move production overseas. Some of these companies make sure that the factories they use are fair trade certified to guarantee that the workers are working in good conditions and earning a fair wage. Some even provide the raw materials to the factory, ensuring product quality and safety. But these companies still need to be vigilant about maintaining those standards.

Look to see where everything is made. Research the companies that do have products made in China. Be prepared to spend more to get the quality you and your family deserve. Only when Americans take a stand about the quality and safety of what we buy for ourselves and our loved ones will there be any change at all. We need to change our shopping culture to ensure the health and safety of the products we buy.

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