What a week (or two)

It has been a hard couple of weeks around here. First I had quite the adventure when I had to check in at the hospital because of this continuing, horrible, abdominal pain I was having. I thought I was going to get checked out and sent home in an hour or so. At least by dinner!

I ended up staying four days and having an appendectomy. That was fun. Especially since they wouldn’t let me eat anything “just in case” I had to go into surgery. The docs just weren’t sure exactly what was wrong since my symptoms were not quite consistent with appendicitis. You know they couldn’t even FIND my appendix via ultrasound since my uterus had pushed it somewhere hidden? That is weird.

Luckily I am home now and appear to be doing well and the baby has stayed healthy throughout this whole ordeal. And I can eat. I just can’t do much else.

I also learned about a friend’s more tragic news, which I will not get into here. Please just take the time to hug your children tight today. I know I’ll be doing that for some time to come… even if it is from the comfort of the couch.

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