15 Years to Global Change

15 Years To Change - Almost All The Truth

15 Years…


15 years. A game changing set of time. What can possibly be accomplished over 15 years with the right tools, circumstances, and mindset? Global change. Bill and Melinda Gates just released their Annual Letter and have settled on a set of expectations to meet within that 15 year timeframe.

That’s where change comes from…

In 15 years… Half as many kids will die, far fewer women will die in childbirth, and people will live healthier lives because we’ll beat many of the diseases that sicken the poor.

Annual Gates Letter - Disease

Africa will be able to feed itself.

Annual Gates Letter - Agriculture

Mobile banking will help the poor radically transform their lives.

Annual Gates Letter - Banking

Better software will help all kids, no matter where they live, receive a world-class education.

Annual Gates Letter - Education

 At this point, you may have some thoughts on whether you think these key points are the top priority in development, whether they can be accomplished within the relatively short time given. The last, crucial factor is going to be creating Global Citizens. Many of you are already. 

Annual Gates Letter - Global CitizensI believe the next 15 years is going to take a whole lot of listening. Start now. Continue when you read the Annual Gates Letter. Then consider raising your voice as a Global Citizen


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