It’s My SITS Day!

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Today is my long-awaited SITS Day. If you don’t know about the wonderful women from SITS, you absolutely should. This is a community dedicated solely to supporting one another. How often do you find that in life?

I heard a quote recently that there is no path, only networks. I invite you all to have a look around Almost All The Truth and what I am about. I think we could all find a commonality and a way we can further our own goals. What is your passion, what is your dream? Let’s find them together!

I Write About:

books. They are a gift of and to the mind. Education and literature does not a thoughtful person make, but it is a step toward knowledge, caring, action.

people. We are all in this journey together. When one life becomes worth less than others, we must stand tall against that. Human rights are an issue that belongs to us all.

environment. We are the environment. We all come to environmental issues from different perspectives and those should evolve as the science and thought does. I considered myself an environmentalist at 8 and now much of the passion I put into this work comes from my own children.

women. We are the backbone and measurement of any society. Until we cease to be marginalized, we will never reach our full potential. We can celebrate the work our foremothers have done to get us to a previously unheard of place and continue their work for others.

activism. I will paraphrase The Lorax when I say it is my responsibility to speak for those who can’t themselves. Together we can move mountains (or stop the removal of them).

 I want to learn more about you. What do you write about and why? How can we connect, because I know that together we can change the world for the better.




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It’s My SITS Day! — 18 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to read more on your blog. We try to do our best to protect the environment in our home too. We put in geothermal heating and cooling about a year ago and are in love with it. We are also recycling and composting freaks. Our 10 and 8 year old girls don’t know life another way and that makes us very happy.
    Kristen recently posted..Birthday Self Photo

  2. Happy Sits Day to you!!!! It’s wonderful doing things to help our planet. I’ve started cloth diapering and cloth wiping, and love it. I’m always looking for more ways. Looking forward to checking out your blog, you definitely have another follower here! :)
    Stephanie recently posted..Pictures & Crafts

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