A Better Person Through T’ai Chi

Almost All The Truth - Tai Chi

T’ai Chi on the beach.


When we care so much for something outside of ourselves it is essential we care for ourselves as well. To be a better advocate for human rights and environmental justice I need to be strong. To be a better mama to my children I need to be patient. To be a better writer I need concentration and free-flowing creative energy. To be a better person I need to be compassionate, thoughtful, and honest. For these things to be true, I need to be happy, balanced, and mindful.

Almost All The Truth - It Begins With A Bell

Our meditation begins with the act of listening.


I discovered T’ai Chi a few years ago and along with it a support system I never knew I could have. Practicing T’ai Chi and guided meditation once a week, with a wonderful retreat once a year, has made me a better person. The women in my group have made me a better person.

Almost All The Truth - Perspective

Each practice helps me gain a different perspective.


Almost All The Truth - Finding Our Balance

Each practice helps me find balance.


Almost All The Truth - Women of Tai Chi

Each practice helps me find connection and support.


It is amazing what a little thing can do for a person. Do you have anything similar in your own life?

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A Better Person Through T’ai Chi — 5 Comments

  1. Before my first child was born, I enrolled in a massage therapy school. One of the optional courses was 2x a week tai chi. I enjoyed it a lot! I still remember, 16 years later, the instructor talking about how people say “I should do this, or I should be “x””, and how he chose not to “should on himself” so much! *LOL*
    LuAnn Braley recently posted..Inspire Me Monday – A Cautionary Tale

  2. Thanks for making me read about Tai Chi on wikipedia for the last 30 minutes. :P

    Now I get your point.

    It’s also a good strategy for your online business.

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