Wordless Wednesday: getting ready for kindergarten

It’s that time of year again- kindergarten round up. I am getting ready to send off my second child to kindergarten in the fall. All I can think about is just how fast the time has flown. I feel it all the more with this one. He isn’t the baby, but he is still my baby, and he is getting ready for a long, wild ride (and I am not just talking about the school bus). ;)

digging in the dirt

planting the seeds

At my kids’ school they get to plant seeds that they will care for all summer, and then hopefully sprout just as school is about to start. (That is if their mama doesn’t knock their container over at the park after kindergarten round-up.) I think it is a sweet idea.

building legos

The kids got to have fun in their new classroom- building, drawing, reading.

riding the bus

All the kids took a short bus ride. He wanted to go all by himself.

kindergarten cowboy

round em up kindergarten cowboy

I think he’s ready.

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Wordless Wednesday: getting ready for kindergarten — 10 Comments

  1. Awww … He’s getting so BIG!!! Next thing you know, you’ll be going to his varsity football games in high school. Cherish every second, the years fly by so fast!! I still remember VIVIDLY his dada’s first day at kindergarten. Watching him walk across the street from the pre-school where I taught was heartbreaking yet such a proud moment! Thank goodness for the baby brother who continued to suffer alone in my pre-school class for the next two years!!! Then we moved to the Guam public school system and that an was entirely different kettle of fish.

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