Wordless Wednesday: A Rock Climbing Party

This past weekend was my oldest’s 8th birthday party. We had the party at a local rock climbing gym that focuses on bouldering. It is a great activity for active kids, especially when you have a group of them! Even the littlest could participate as they wanted.

The Boy's 8th Birthday - Rock Climbing and Cupcakes

I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache from scratch. I haven’t baked in what seems like forever, so that was pretty fun. I was able to use my If You Care cupcake liners and all organic ingredients and fair-trade chocolate.

I wrestled with how to decorate the cupcakes (that is soo not my thing) and even made a Pinterest board dedicated to finding the best option. Ultimately we went with chocolate rocks with a Lego climber on the birthday boy’s cupcake.

The kids had fun. We had fun. It was a great party. Now I just have a few more days before this one actually turns 8. How fast time passes, right?

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