Accidental Environmentalism for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! -

Earth Day has its merits. It gets people thinking about the earth in different ways. There are often great activities that allow people the chance to connect with their community, nature, and sometimes both. It came out of a sincere intention to save the world. It’s fun

But really, I kind of dread this time of year. I usually don’t bother reading any of the countless emails sent to me about the next latest and greatest thing, or idea, I need to see in time for Earth Day. This is not purpose-driven marketing, it’s an excuse.

Don’t get me wrong, there are wonderful brands who are truly sustainable and whose products will help you lead the kind of lifestyle that believes Earth Day is really every day. The great thing about highlighting these brands and products is to tap into the “accidental environmentalist.” The person who didn’t realize how easy it is to be more sustainable, more environmentally conscious, and have a greater positive impact on the world. As we all know how human impact is so often harmful to our own health and the natural world around us.

Here’s what I’d like you to do. There are a thousand articles and ideas out there on how to go green, even specifically about Earth Day. Most of you reading this already know these things, but sometimes new products or brands might surprise you. So go read a few… Then find a way to let a friend, family member, teacher, acquaintance become that accidental environmentalist. Give the gift of a glass straw, work cast iron pans into the conversation on what’s for dinner, seek out a local Earth Day event near you and take a friend, but go beyond the norm. This is Earth Day after all!

Are you in?




The Good, The Bad, The Environment: National Park Week

Almost All The Truth - National Park Week

National Park Week

National Parks really are our best idea. If you’re lucky enough to live near some of our precious public lands, you may know how important they are: connecting us with nature, culture, history. Often we take them for granted, but Earth Month is the perfect time to celebrate our public lands. To get us started, National Park Week kicked off this weekend – visit any National Park for free through April 24 and celebrate the centennial year!

I happen to be headed to Olympic National Park this weekend. Hooray for happy coincidences! I am super excited to have discovered a new-to-me website and must share: Outdoor Project. Their story begins with getting people outside and building community around it. I’ve read about all the park and its many adventures I might try this short weekend and love the inside scoop on trails, beaches, camprgrounds, and sites. My to-do list is longer than the time I have, but I suppose that just means I’ll have to go back soon.

The landscapes of many National Parks get most of the recognition, but the wildlife brings a different story. A story filled with battles won, heartbreak, adventure, tension. So many conservation successes are because of National Parks, but also community strife when certain parts of the population can’t seem to stop wanting to kill apex predators. Too often for no good reason and always to the ecosystem’s detriment.

National Parks may be our best idea, but if we don’t protect their biodiversity it may be one of our worst regrets.

The Good, The Bad, The Environment

There’ve been a lot of stories about biodiversity related to our National Parks in environmental news lately. Some good, some bad, and all need more awareness. Happy reading!

The Good

Almost All The Truth - Wolverine

Court Overturns Government Refusal to Protect Wolverine – A victory in court proves that lawsuits against the government are sometimes the answer. Several groups came together to defend wolverine against climate change and the political decision to delist them in the first place. 

There are only an estimated 300 wolverine left in the northern Rockies and north Cascades. This extremely small population often leads to genetic isolation on its own, but being completely dependent on snow puts them even more at risk. The Endangered Species Act is brilliant when decisions are based on science. The court recognized the need for greater protection for wolverine.


The Bad

Almost All The Truth - OR4

OR4, after being fitted with a new tracking collar and ear tags in 2011. Photo: ODFW

OR-4, possibly the most influential wolf in America, was killed recently by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), along with his pregnant mate and their two pups. To say this decision was controversial is a gross understatement. Particularly since this comes so quickly after gray wolves were removed from the Endangered Species Act in Oregon.

As wolves have begun to gain ground and increase their populations, interactions with cattle ranchers and hunters also increase. Emotions are always high when we are talking about wolves in the west, but there is a way for wolves, ranchers, and hunters can coexist. There just needs to be a concerted effort to change things to accept wolves as part of the ecosystem in places that haven’t had them in far too long.

The Ongoing

Almost All The Truth - bear 399

Efforts are currently underway by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to delist Yellowstone National Park’s grizzly bears. Removing these bears from the protection of the Endangered Species Act is truly to only serve trophy hunters. Some known hunters have already picked out their favorite target. Sickening. 

There are many who are working tirelessly to let their voices be heard to protect these bears. This is a great way to get involved so that we don’t have to wait for Earthjustice to sue the government (and see the fallout in the meantime) or allow a bear like 399 to be killed as soon as her protections are removed. Will you take action?



Which park would you like to visit for National Park Week? Bonus points if you’re actually going! Double bonus points if you comment with anything related to the biodiversity of that National Park.




Spring, Hope, Nature

Almost All The Truth - Spring is Coming

Spring, hope, and nature. Spring is here at last!

The vernal equinox brings us light, joy. Our connections to the natural world are reinforced. Our thoughts turn toward rich soil, sweet smell of rain on blooming flowers, the birds singing sweetly in the greening trees, the gardens to grow. Shifting focus toward the outside and all the wonder it holds 

Almost All The Truth - Spring Dirt

Spring is a time of growth from the new beginnings all around us.

Almost All The Truth - Bud to Blossom

Spring is your chance to branch out, dig deep, and find the light. What do you hope for this spring?


Nature Astounds, Go Immerse Yourself In It

Almost All The Truth Walk With Nature

There is a lot of hate, darkness, negativity in our world. It can feel as though there is a constant looming threat of environmental havoc, societal doom, or personal pain around every corner, in every headline. Sometimes we get the sense that there is too much, maybe even more than at other times in history. We are inundated with the tragic, the sensational…

I kind of bummed myself out right there.

We should always have some positivity and optimism, even in an election year. While there is no easy solution to life’s problems, there are still plenty of solutions. We just might need a little less conversation, a little more action please. A little compromise, a little sacrifice, a little social conscience.

One place we can start is the physical and psychological disconnect between ourselves and nature. There is very real evidence that shows all sorts of benefits (as well as the inverse) our connection to nature has, as long as that connection is used. And time and time again, those who feel more connected to our natural world and everything in it, the more likely they are to protect it.

Nature is our nourishment, our everything. When we think it must be tamed, subdued, controlled, we set ourselves apart. Humans are part of the natural world! We are not separate, not other. Sometimes we need a little reminder of our place and for that we need wild places, wilderness, where nature astounds on a continual basis.

So I challenge you this week to go immerse yourself in some nature, whether that is a walk in the park, a beginning of a garden or standing barefoot in sand with the roar of the ocean in front of you. Perhaps even think of something further afield for the future

Almost All The Truth - Wilderness Calls

Where will you go to connect with nature?



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