Listen: Word for the New Year

 Almost All The Truth - Happy New Year

New Year, New Start

I like the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings. I like the idea that I can wake up every day and make different choices, be more present, be more conscientious, be better. It is important to me to have ideals and to strive for them, even if I fail and fail again. The point is in the process, not in the product. I don’t beat myself up for shortcomings, real or perceived, but that doesn’t mean I give in to them either.

I like the reflections at the end of one year and the openness to which we greet the new year. How you frame the new year’s start is up to you. I like to consider a theme, a word, and work toward being a better me under this theme, instead of straight resolutions. This year I chose listen.

Word of the Year: Listen 

do you know how to listen? can you listen well?

do you know how to listen without preparing your reply?

listen to your gut

listen to your heart

listen to yourself

listen to me

listen for just a minute

listen for hours

listen to music

don’t listen to what everyone else says

only listen to those who encourage you

listen to your parents, your teachers, your elders, your boss

listen to advice from those who’ve walked this path before 

listen with an open mind

listen with an open heart


listen, i have something to say

Many thoughts race through my mind when I think of the word listen. For now my intentions are to work on listening without preparing my reply. To listen deeply to my family and hear what they say with their words and what those words left unsaid. To listen to all sides without rushing to argument about what I think I know already, to be open to new information. To listen to myself about what is true, what brings me peace. I think if I begin here, I will be in a better place come the end of year reflections.

What do you hope for the new year?



Listen: Word for the New Year — 8 Comments

  1. That is a great word. Not enough people truly take the time to listen, and it makes such a huge difference all around. I have a loved one who definitely falls into the category of NOT being able to listen without preparing his reply. It’s caused some problems for sure. Wonderful choice of word!

  2. Your writing always sounds like poetry to me. I love your choice of words especially when you say, “hear what they say with their words and what those words left unsaid.”

    So many people are so busy talking about themselves that they never listen to the person they are with. Good listening is an art.

  3. What a great word! Last year I did relationships, and then promptly forgot all about it. In fact, I could just use everything I wrote about goals last year for this year : P