Parenting choices

Photo via Flickr

After finally getting over a stomach virus that ravaged the whole family and sent the baby to the hospital with dehydration, we are now sick again. What’s the deal? I thought at first it was allergies, and there may be a bit of that in there as well, but it’s a cold. All three of the kids and me.

Of course tonight is the 5 year old’s very first t-ball game ever. He is feeling fine and well enough to go, but that leaves the rest of us. I really don’t want to miss my son’s first game. I just don’t. But… how can I take a baby who isn’t feeling well, or how could I leave her home with my husband- who I am sure doesn’t really want to miss this game either even though he said he would stay home? The 3 year old will be fine either way, as long as it doesn’t rain like they say it will, although I am sure he would be better off staying home too.

So, what do you do? How do you decide? What have been some tough, or trivial, parenting choices that you have had to make and what were the outcomes?

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