Mother’s Day: Sweetness In The Morning

Is it wake-up time, Mama? A little voice in my doorway wonders. She is so rarely the first one up. Blueberry bagel, real blueberries, not the blueberry-flavored corn syrup bits, for breakfast in the early morning quiet. Sun pours in the window telling us it is going to be another nice day.

We snuggle for a few as she explores my face with her small fingers. I awake when a sweet boy proudly announces there is something on the table for me. He has made me my own bagel breakfast, just the way he likes it–dripping with butter and warm from the toaster. There are notes and pictures on the table and two excited little boys waiting to show me all they had done.

Sunday morning acoustic music, coffee, sun, quiet, resting my lovely bones, gardening, rhododendrons?, and always, always a content mama to be able to have such a life.

Happy Mother’s Day

Almost All The Truth Mother's Day Wish

To all the mamas, to Mother Earth and Mother Nature, to those with a mother’s spirit, to all. Up for a little reading this morning?

Mother’s Day, This Time With More Meaning… My post over at SocialMoms explores how to add meaning to Mother’s Day by working to improve the lives of mothers around the world.

Groovy Green Livin has a great roundup for Mother’s Day reading!

There is still time to honor mama. Try one of these eco-friendly, fun and frugal ways to make the mother in your life feel special!

Production Not Reproduction has a short, but thought-provoking post with a link to a Mother’s Day adoption roundtable that is worth a read no matter how, or if, you have children.

Amber at is questioning the idea that motherhood and selflessness must always go together. Definitely read this one!

Have you finished your morning beverage and reading? Now go outside and play! :) How do you hope to spend Mother’s Day?


Mother’s Day: Sweetness In The Morning — 10 Comments

  1. That’s so sweet! I received a big hugs and kisses from my kids. that is
    enough for me than any gift.
    Happy mother’s day!!

  2. Hello Brenna. Thanks for such an amusing post. It reflected the true meaning of motherhood.

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