Mylicon Recall: another big company putting our children at risk

About 12,000 units of Mylicon drops used to relieve gas in infants have been recalled because they could include metal. Certain bottles of nonstaining Mylicon gas-relief dye-free drops. The recalled drops were sold in 1-ounce plastic bottles that were distributed to stores and pharmacies after Oct. 5.

The recalled bottles are from lots SMF007 and SMF008. These numbers are printed on the bottom of the box and on the lower-left side of the sticker on each bottle.

The recall does not include any bottles of original infant’s Mylicon gas-relief products or half-ounce bottles of nonstaining Mylicon gas relief dye-free drops.

For information on how to dispose of the drops and obtain a refund or replacement, call 800-222-9435 or visit

I can’t believe the number of recalls that have been issued lately. This is just the latest in a string of big recalls involving products specifically for babies and children. Parents are buying this product to help their baby and what they get instead just infuriates me.

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