Idaho, The Beginning of Our Camping Adventure

My first campground stop of the Great Eco-friendly Summer Road Trip is just a stopover for us.

Tip #1: Do not overestimate how quickly you will travel with three small children. It only makes for grumpiness all around.

Tip #2: Unless you plan to enjoy the attractions of a campground (ie if you have the time) of any location, don’t worry about venturing off the beaten path. This may only lead to more grumpiness.

Farragut State Park is north of Coeur d’Alene in the Idaho Panhandle. This was the trickiest site I will hopefully have to maneuver my little teardrop trailer into. It was a nice little campground though and I do wish we could have explored more of what the park had to offer.

Isn’t it cute? It is a tight squeeze for the four of us, but it offers protection (at least peace of mind) and because of its small size the reduction of gas mileage is slight, especially compared to a “real” RV.

Next stop, Montana!


Idaho, The Beginning of Our Camping Adventure — 6 Comments

  1. I love that camper!!! And I hope you are having a blast. We just finished 3 weeks of camping across CA, OR and WA and while we loved being out there as a family, I hear you on the traveling with kids! We tried to find one out-of-the-ordinary thing to do each day on our road trip. Just one thing. More than that meant craziness and frustration. I hope you’re having a wonderful time and that you get a chance to relax a bit in there too!

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