New greener milk jugs at Costco, etc…

Has anyone tried the new milk jugs being sold at Costco, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club? I think the idea is great. Any green decisions made by giants like these retailers is a step in the right direction! The new shape eliminates the need for a crate, which then have to be taken back to the dairy and washed. It allows for more milk on each truck, reducing the use of fuel. The milk arrives at the store faster and fresher. And the jugs are cheaper, hooray!

The New York Times reported mixed reviews on the new jugs back in June. We got our first square jugs when we went to Costco over the weekend. They really are annoying to pour. I spill every time. I guess I need to try the slow tilt technique instead of the old lift and pour… I think it’s worth a little spilled milk to have a greener and cheaper jug!

Update: I managed to pour the milk this morning without spilling!! :)

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