2008 Beijing Olympics

I love the Olympics. I love the ideals of the Olympics. I love watching the sports I already know and love and learning about others.

Unity between the continents, as symbolized by the Olympic Rings, has been less than ideal. There have been boycotts, political turmoil, and violence. The Olympic motto: Citius Altius Fortius – Faster, Higher, Stronger- has been marred by doping scandals. This is all an unfortunate part of the modern Olympics that one would hope will not continue.

This Olympics is no exception. I know the Games have been controversial from the torch relay, to the heavy hand with protesters, to the air quality in Beijing. I know that all the building and expense that went into the preparations are definitely not green. I still want to watch anyway. I have to say that China did an amazing job with the Opening Ceremony, and I look forward to watching my favorite athletes and sports in the following days (well the way things are going round here lately, more like middle of the night!).

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