Hyatt at Olive 8 – Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotel in Seattle

Hyatt at Olive 8 - Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotel

Hyatt at Olive 8 – Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotel

So imagine this… You get it into your head to visit a city where you have never had the pleasure to spend a night in a hotel, but know it well enough to have plans for your days. Where do you begin to search for where your weary head may rest at night?

There are always a few considerations that are priorities for any individual, couple, or family – which may depend on what the reason for your travels may be. When I travel with one or more of my children, I look for convenience to daily attractions, eco-friendly amenities and business practices, and comfort.

This is what I scoured Seattle for when planning my 6-year-old’s birthday experience. What I found in the Hyatt at Olive 8 exceeded my expectations on all accounts and once I found it, I knew we must stay there.

I like secrets, surprises really. I like to meticulously calculate arrangements on the sly and surprise my friends and family with the unexpected. I like the romance and intrigue of an artfully executed event. I love the look on a little face when all my work pays off and the dreams he never even knew he had come true.

Don’t tell me that looking toward that magnificent building you heart doesn’t go just a little pitter-patter.

We entered a land where Eloise was a boy prince and a grateful, gracious, and excited one at that. He marveled as I checked us in. I marveled at how well the staff treated my boy. Nothing makes a mama happier than to see her child treated like a person, with thoughts and feelings of his own. That was a continuous theme throughout our stay and it made it all the more sweeter.

The Hyatt at Olive 8, An Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotel

Almost All The Truth - Hyatt at Olive 8

Arriving at The Hyatt at Olive 8

Almost all The Truth - Eco-Friendly Energy Usage Olive 8

Eco-Friendly Energy Usage Olive 8. This was an ingenious use for your room card to reduce energy usage while you were away. If the card wasn’t in the slot, then the lights would turn off!

Almost all The Truth - Entryway Olive 8

Gorgeous entryway to our room at Olive 8.

Almost all The Truth - Lounge Chair at Olive 8

Lounging. He was ready to go, I was ready to kick off my walking shoes for a wee bit.

Almost all The Truth - The Sitting Area at Olive 8

The sitting area of our room. Perfect for when he was ready to go to bed a little early (or wake up a little early). With large windows of light and views!

Almost All The Truth - Wet Bar at Olive 8

The wet bar. Otherwise known as the most enticing place I have ever made coffee in a hotel room.

Almost all The Truth - A Bathroom I Could Live In Olive 8

This is a bathroom I could probably live in. With an enormous walk-in glass shower, a tub fit for a very fat king, we thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in this room.

Almost All Truth - Relaxing Bathroom Olive 8

Why yes that is a tv inlaid into the mirror in the bathroom so I could watch the presidential debates while getting ready and kid could watch cartoon in the sitting room. Definitely enjoyed the eco-friendly touches in how they care for their customers and their employees in this room too.

Almost all The Truth - My Boy Resting at Olive 8

Loving his cartoon watching time while I am getting ready in the bathroom.

Almost All The Truth - Luxurious BEdroom at Olive 8

Ah, the bed. Luxurious comfort after a day’s activities.

The Hyatt at Olive 8 - Saline Pool

The saline pool was one of the best features of all. We spent hours in the pool and, probably because it was October, had almost the whole thing to ourselves. So fun and without the nasty chlorine!

The Hyatt at Olive 8 Green Roof

This 8,355 square foot green rooftop, is one of the largest in downtown Seattle.


The Hyatt at Olive 8, Eco-Friendly By The Numbers

  • Hyatt at Olive 8 is the first LEED certified hotel in Seattle and the first for Hyatt Hotels Corporation.
  • 2.4 million gallons of water are saved each year by low-flow plumbing fixtures, a low-chemical mechanical water system and other LEED-driven efforts.
  • 20 percent of the building materials are made of recycled content.
  • 29 percent less waste water is used by the hotel’s dual flush toilets, as compared to traditional, single-flush toilets.
  • 36 percent less water is used overall as compared to a non-LEED certified building of similar size and scope.
  • 95 percent of construction waste was diverted from landfills.
  • 100 percent of the paint, solvent and carpeting contain low- or no-VOC.
  • Committed to green housekeeping practices with Green Seal-approved low-VOC cleaners and offers guests 100 percent toxin-free dry-cleaning services.
  • Hyatt at Olive 8 employs comprehensive programs to minimize its environmental footprint, including food composting, in-room recycling containers and food bank donations.
  • Innovative environmental extras like room key-controlled Watt Stopper, Inc. light switches keep lights on when the room is in use, and off when it is not.

Do we have your attention yet? Just wait until I tell you about their on-site restaurant tomorrow. You will be on the next train to Seattle in no time!

Join the conversation:
1. Which aspect of the Hyatt at Olive 8 is most striking to you? 
2. What eco-friendly practices are most important to you when traveling?
3. What do you look for in a hotel?

Hyatt at Olive 8 graciously extended a reduced room rate and I was asked for nothing in return. All opinions expressed here are my own. I really loved our stay here and can’t wait to go back some day.

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Hyatt at Olive 8 – Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotel in Seattle — 22 Comments

  1. OK, this is an awesome reason not to stay with my in-laws when I visit them in WA. Who wouldn’t want to LIVE here? I LOVE the key card energy saving mechanism! Bet hotels would save loads of money if they converted to this system! And the green roof! With all that rain, greenery must be lush all year around!

    Now the real question… much is it to stay in a room like this?

  2. This is amazing… I hope this is the begining of more eco-friendly hotels in the rest of the country. This sounds like hotel I would want to stay in.

  3. What a heavenly retreat! More hotels should take notice! I’m glad you enjoyed your special stay away!

  4. Everywhere we went in Europe the lights worked off the key and the ac as well. Funny to me that this is not wide spread in America yet.

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  6. Looks amazing – getting to spend a night there would make me happy too! Looks like your son had an awesome time as well! Happy Monday.

  7. Thanks for the review, we just had family move to Seattle and will definitely be checking the Hyatt out. Hopefully more hotels will be following their lead soon on all these eco-friendly features.

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  9. Great review and photos! Seattle has a ton of nice accommodation options. Have you seen the hotels Lynnwood WA has to offer?