Food Fight: A Music Video To Change How We Eat

We are all in the middle of a food fight whether we are aware of it or not.     What do you think of the video (and accompanying school curriculum)? What questions arise? What parallels can you draw? What … Continue reading

6 Ways to Go Green in 2013 {Part 1}

There are likely an infinite number small ways a person could go green this year. There are other bigger and important ways an individual, or even greater still a community, a society, a nation, can create positive change for our … Continue reading

Plastic-Free, One Woman Changing the World With a Book {Giveaway}

The Beginning of a Journey This story begins with a horrifying image. An image of a dead albatross chick stripped to where you could clearly see its stomach contents: small plastic products we use every day. You may have seen … Continue reading