15 Years to Global Change

  15 years. A game changing set of time. What can possibly be accomplished over 15 years with the right tools, circumstances, and mindset? Global change. Bill and Melinda Gates just released their Annual Letter and have settled on a set … Continue reading

Save the Children. Get Ready. Get Safe.

  Imagine a scene… A state that has been in drought for far too long and many areas have been ravaged by wildfire in recent years, but finally this state starts to get some much-needed rain. It rains and rains … Continue reading

There Are Toxins In My Lotion?

This post is sponsored by Earth Mama Angel Baby┬« and Green Sisterhood. Our Skin, Our Health Skin. It is incredibly complex. It is our largest organ, a protector, a regulator. It is our first line of defense against harm. It … Continue reading

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