Life Beyond the Screen

Screen-Free Week 2013 Do you remember those old bumper stickers, “Kill your television!”? It was certainly a violent way to get people to pay attention to their tv watching habits. Television programming has changed since then. Some might argue there … Continue reading

Sunshine, Happiness, Connection To Earth

  Manifestations of happiness abound when the sun shines, the temperatures warm, and the good people spend their leisure out-of-doors. Intentional connection with our environment will help us all make every day an Earth Day. Beginning on April 30th, I … Continue reading

Tuesday Top Ten: activities for Screen-Free Week 2011

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity. ~Henry David Thoreau To the dismay of all three my children, this week is Screen-Free Week (formerly known as TV-Turnoff Week). This is an annual celebration of turning off screens and … Continue reading