5 Fun Ways to Use Carved Pumpkins After Halloween

Halloween is almost here and pumpkins everywhere are waiting to make their way to homes, stoops, and porches. What to do with them after the carving and decorating is done? Here are 5 fun ways to use carved pumpkins after … Continue reading

Halloween: Fun or Green?

  Halloween: Fun or Green? I ask this question in all honesty. It comes from a well-intentioned place, an inner child who loves this holiday to this day. Bring on the pumpkins, witches, the vampires, the ghosties, and a sprinkle … Continue reading

Make Things Monday: Summer Reading List for Kids

Each year before we begin the summer break we make a summer reading list. Some years my boys have had lofty expectations for themselves and sometimes it may be the other way around, but a goal and a list make … Continue reading

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