Wall-E with kids

I love movies. I love going to see movies at the theater. There is something so fun about buying a ticket, getting snacks that you would never get at home, and sitting in a huge dark room watching a huge movie. I want to share that with my kids, even though we haven’t gone to see too many yet. Wall-E is one that I thought would be fun for the whole family.

My husband and I took the boys to see Wall-E this weekend. Even though I had already heard good things about it, I was still pleasantly surprised at how good it really was! I think this is Pixar’s best movie yet, plus I love the underlying message!

My 4 year old is not exposed to a lot of tv or movies and tends to have trouble watching anything “scary”. We had to leave Horton Hears A Who after the mayor slammed his hand in the door. It was too much for him to take. So I was worried he wouldn’t be able to last through Wall-E either. Wrong. He loved it! He can’t stop talking about it. He even told people at the store yesterday that he needed to build Wall-E grabber hands so he could save the planet, lol.

All in all this was a great movie day for us, even though my 2 year old seemed to think that running out of snacks was some sort of horrible tragedy. And if my kids, or anyone for that matter, can walk away thinking about how our life on this planet is worth protecting then great! I don’t think that is the whole message of the film however and I don’t think that it is too dark or dreary for kids. I think that the whole film has more to do with love and the need for human (and robot) connection, and really who can argue with that?

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